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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have an Annual Fire Alarm Inspection for Your Commercial Building

#1 – Protection for The Lives of Your Employees & Guests

In order for a fire alarm system to work properly, it needs to be maintained and inspected every year. When a fire alarm system fails, it’s often due to an issue that could have been detected during an annual fire alarm inspection. That’s why fire alarm inspections can be the difference between life and death.

#2 – Required by Law

According to the law, your fire alarm system must be inspected and tested, at minimum, once per year. This includes the inspection of the fire panel, strobes, horns, smoke detectors and more. Our technicians are sensitive to customers’ needs resulting in minimal disruption to your business and personnel.

#3 – Required by Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies require commercial buildings to have to keep their annual fire alarm inspections up-to-date in order to stay compliant with their insurance policy. In the event of an incident, your insurance company could reject your claim if you cannot provide proof of your fire alarm inspection. Our customers receive electronic copies of our inspections for convenient storage and quick reference. We will also keep an inspection report on file, should you ever need another copy.

#4 – More Affordable Than You Think

Having your property inspected is actually reasonably affordable. The cost is determined by how much fire alarm equipment you have and the overall size of your facility. The best way to get an accurate cost is to have one of our Fire Alarm experts come to your facility, take an inventory of the equipment needed to be inspected, and then they will prepare the final estimate.

#5 – Protection for Your Property & Your Assets

Last, but certainly not least, a fire alarm inspection will help protect your property. Temporarily having to shut down or move your company can be a costly affair. Protect your investments in your property and your assets and keep your business doing what it’s designed to do – generate revenue.

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