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5 Reasons Why You Need to Have an Annual Sprinkler Inspection for Your Commercial Building

#1 – Protection for The Lives of Your Employees & Guests

People often think making money is the first priority of a business. But revenue and profits take a back seat when the lives and safety of employees is threatened. A commercial sprinkler system needs to be inspected annually in order to catch any deficiencies that would prevent the system from properly extinguishing a fire.

The typical reasons why a sprinkler system would fail to work are easily detected during your annual inspection. By not having your sprinkler system inspected you are allowing possible issues to go unnoticed, putting the lives of your employees and guests at risk.

#2 – Required By Law

While protecting life is clearly an important reason to have your sprinkler system inspected, there’s also the threat of fines and liability. The law states that a commercial property must have a sprinkler inspection once per year.

Sunland provides professional and experienced technicians who can inspect any type of fire sprinkler system. Our technicians are sensitive to our customers’ needs resulting in minimal disruption to your business and personnel.

#3 - Insurance Requirements

In the event of a fire, insurance companies are always going to investigate if the fire sprinkler system worked properly. If an inspection was skipped, it could mean your insurance claim could be rejected. That’s why insurance companies require commercial buildings to have sprinkler systems and keep up-to-date with their annual inspections.

#4 - It’s Affordable

An annual sprinkler inspection can be a lot more affordable than you’d think. The cost is determined by the size of the commercial property, how many sprinkler heads there are, etc. To get the most accurate estimate we recommend calling one of our sprinkler inspection experts who can take the details of your facility and give you the best price possible on your upcoming inspection.

#5 – Protection of Property

Having to shut down your business because of a fire could be a disaster for most companies. Your employees would be out of work and the future of your company could be in doubt. Don’t let all that hard work be at risk. By ensuring your property is protected, you are protecting not only the building but every aspect of your business.

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